Qualità d’Autore
Made in Italy


The supporting structure of the liner-lock is made of two liners to which the scales are clipped. The right sided liner is cut to obtain a laminated spring that butts up against the tang of the blade when the knife is in the opened position. That prevents the knife from closing. To release the lock the user must action the lockbar with his thumb. Other variants of the mechanism can feature a button that releases the lockbar. Also sometimes the left sided liner can be missing.

Similar to the liner-lock, the design of the frame-lock requires the scale and the frame to overlap. Therefore the lockbar is contained in the handle scale. For knives of big dimensions this is generally made from titanium to support the final weight. To release the frame-lock it is necessary to push off the spring in order to bring it back to its initial position and to free the blade.

Every back-lock system involves a rocker arm and a lever, with a protrusion that hooks up with an indentation on the upper blade’s tang. This lever is actioned by a spring, traditionally built in with the back spacer. Viper has reengineered the system with a spiral or coil spring placed in a notch between the scale and the liner. To close the knife you need to lower the rear part of the lever, which can be either positioned at the back or at the centre of the spine, by pressing with the thumb.

At Viper we know that a good knife is worth nothing if not equipped with a sheath that is up to the job that allows you to carry it safely and with ease. This is why our fixed blades are all supplied with a tough sheath, either synthetic or leather made, exclusively manufactured by Italian producers.