Qualità d’Autore
Made in Italy


This material is made of impregnated fabric layers with epoxy resins. It is mainly used for its resistance and insensitivity to the external environment. The aspect can vary based on the fabric pattern, on the ratio of the latter compared to the resin and on the superficial finish. It can also have a plain colour or contrasting layers, which could be brought out with a 3D processing.

Very similar to the micarta for its construction the G-10 is not made of cotton but of glass fibre laminates filled with coloured epoxy resin. This entails that the strength and the duration are even greater. Usually the G-10 is supplied with a superficial coarse texture with a variable grain.

Fine woods
The finest woods from around the globe are used, carefully selected and stabilised to get Viper knives. Our handles go through a series of treatments that make them water-resistant and long-lasting, minimising the dimensional variation due to the temperature and embellishing them.

The burl is the most precious part of the wood but also the most difficult one to work. The complex pattern requires a careful inspection of every sheet, highlighting the parts that are free of faults and fissures suitable to get the handles out of it.

Unlike the majority of knife manufacturers, Viper does not work the carbon by removal. The scales of the Start are made stretching and applying the fibre into specific moulds, where it is lacquered with resin and dried in an autoclave. This method provides a greater robustness, given that the tissue fibres are not cut but moulded.