Qualità d’Autore
Made in Italy


Guidelines for a proper use

This knife has only one use, as a cutting tool; the use of a knife for any purpose other than cutting must be avoided to prevent injuries.

The knife engineering ensures the utmost safety, when the knife is in use and when not; anyway it is a cutting tool: keep it guarded and away from children.

When you don’t use your folding knife, keep it closed. Carefully hold the knife when closing, ease the blade toward closing position being sure to have your fingers out of the rotation radius.

Please use caution during opening operations and use as well.

Never hold a knife from the blade edge.

Do not use your knife as a hammer (the “table test” is an abuse of the knife which unconditionally voids the knife’s warranty), a chisel, a screwdriver and don’t throw it: it is a cutting tool.

Keep your knife sharp. Don’t use it if not sharp: it can cause injury.

Should it incidentally fall down, never attempt to catch it from blade edge.

Care and maintenance

Minimum respect and care is what you need to preserve your knife.

Keep your knife clean and wipe the blade with a light oil after each use especially if you live in an acid environment or if you used it underwater.

When cleaning use caution and wipe the blade from the back.

We recommend keeping the blade sharp: this operation requires practice and experience; you may consult with your local cutlery store and apply for a sharpening service.

Should the knife lock – unlock mechanism not perform properly, never attempt to disassemble your knife: take it to your local cutlery store for service.


Viper knives will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Repair or replacement of any knife returned and found to be defective by Tecnocut will be done free of charge.
The Warranty does not cover normal wearing off, re-sharpening of the blade, damages caused by mistreatment, misuse or the failure to perform normal or necessary maintenance.

Viper Warranty only applies to genuine Viper products purchased from authorized Viper dealers.
Knives purchased on the internet through discount websites or other unauthorized source are not covered by the warranty.

If you are in need of warranty, please fill the Warranty Service Form and send by email at info@tecnocut.net.

Our Staff will contact you as soon as possible.