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Made in Italy



With base in the windswept no-mans-land of rural Denmark, Jens Ansø designs and creates knives that inspire him and give him the ultimate feeling of function and beauty. Inspired by everything from traditional Japanese carpentry to modern architecture, vintage danish furniture designs to traditional jewelry craftsmanship, Jens has built his life around what satisfies him the most - designing and making unique, high quality products.

The Anso products must have a level of detail, a deeper quality, a refinement that speaks to him. Sometimes a value that is only seen in use or maybe its hidden so only the owner know about it. Other times it is that single details that makes the whole product work. It can be matter of that perfect marriage of material and shape.

Jens Anso does business as Anso of Denmark where Custom knives is the backbone of his production. This is where it all started close to 30 years ago when He made the first knife. Anso's first collaboration with Viper was the SAKURA kitchen line studied together with Jesper Vox. However, the first big success started with ORSO model the extraordinary knife in both performance and aesthetics.

Fabrizio Silvestrelli started crafting knives in 1988. Since then he has been able to develop a modelling precision and a totally unique style which allowed him in 2004 to make a living by producing blades.
By that time he was already a renowned craftsman and artist and in 2005 he started cooperating with Tecnocut from Maniago which would later produce milestones of the industrial gentleman’s knives.
Fabrizio, master knife maker of the Corporazione Italiana Coltellinai (Italian Knifemaker’s Guild) stands out for the elegance and the harmony of his lines. He shapes knives of the highest fashion, neither too artless nor too adorned, always filled with character. Along with Viper he is also showing all his talent in revisiting Italian classics.

The partnership between Viper and Tommaso Rumici goes back to 2006 with the launch of the Fearless which had a limited production run of 300. This was the first successful series of military blades which are now a desirable collector’s item. Tommaso is passionate about knives in general but is mostly fond of the sporting-military blades.
In the following years he was able to broaden his activity as a designer by building partnerships not only with Viper but also with other prominent brands. In 2009 he realised his great passion for blades when he started writing for the Italian magazine “Coltelli” becoming soon an authority in the field.
Tommaso’s main merits are his continuous pursuit for new design skills and the relentless field-testing of his knives. He also has an extensive knowledge of the market trends and what the main Italian and foreign knife manufacturers’ offer.

Jesper Voxnaes started crafting knives in 1989, when he was only 18 years old, forging each blade completely by himself. His unique style stems from the meeting between his roots in worldwide-appreciated Scandinavian design and his passion for American knifemaking. This original approach made his knives very popular quickly, especially in the USA, so much that he could grow his activity by including machines that he made himself. He’s been a professional knifemaker since that day and he’s cooperated as designer with various relevant cutleries, enjoying great success in many different fields.
The Odino and Borr models are the first ones to be born in cooperation with Viper, a perfect match of the typically Viper fine details and finishes and the stoutness and practicality typical of Jesper’s designs.

Boris Manasherov is an engineer by education and profession and he has always been deeply passionate about knives and martial arts. Having started training in the Israeli martial art of Krav Magà in 1973, in 1985 he became an instructor of Israeli special forces and covered such role for many years. Over the years he has learned other Martial Arts techniques such as Jujutsu and Arnis/Silat.
His experience as martial artist led him to develop a unique style of knifemaking: he started making knives guided by his father in 1976 and his designs are always inspired both by engineering principles and by military combat doctrines. In 2005 he was certified Master Gunsmith.
The Viper Magà is the first fruit of his cooperation with Viper knives and was met with great success thanks to the striking look and excellent ergonomics.

Moreno Franzin is a gifted craftsman who doesn’t like publicity and avoids the web. This is why he is still unknown to the general public. His production is limited but he excels in the care of heat treatments and mechanics. Always eager to improve he has adapted his machinery over the years to reach the impressive tolerance of one hundredth.
Moreno’s main quality is precision, both in mechanics and in heat treatments. He is also an avid enthusiastic who is constantly pursuing improvements, which pushes him to reassess existing solutions with original and enhancing concepts.
Extremely pragmatic regarding his creations, he one day invented a mechanism so utterly innovative that he could not leave it untapped. This system then became the Smart Lock™, first released on our Free.